Java Framework


Artificial Life  v.1.4.0

Artificial Life is a free and open sourced Java framework created to simulate Life.

Java Application Framework For All  v.2.1.0

An Enterprise Focused Java Framework For Rapid Application Development.


Darwin: Evolutionary Computation in Java  v.2.3.01

Darwin 2: Java Framework for Evolutionary Computation (genetic algorithm, GA).

IValidator Test Framework  v.20081031

iValidator is a Java framework for automation of scenario and integration tests in complex environments.

JGears Framework  v.1.1.20070707

JGears is a java framework for development platform and technology independentuser interface based on component object model.

Scope: a generic HMVC framework  v.rc

Java framework built on a generic implementation of the Hierarchical Model-View-Controller pattern for component based development, independent of the view technology.

Survey Developer Library 4 Java  v.0.9.29

A generic Java framework with reusable patterns and classes for enhanced development

Neuroph  v.2.5.1 RC 2

Neuroph is Java framework for neural network development. It contains well designed, open source Java library with small number of basic classes which correspond to basic NN concepts.

ZWeb  v.0.7

MVC Java framework intended to help building simple web applications quickly. It provides components for pagination, tables, dialogs, data input, security, error handling and long-term processing feedback.

BioWebAuth (BWA)  v.rc

BioWebAuth (Biometrics for Web Authentication) is an open source Java framework intended to provide single sign-on web authentication based on BioAPI-compliant biometric software or devices.

Combean  v.0.2

Combean is a Java framework for mathematical structures and optimization algorithms.

Flow4J  v.1.0

Flow4J is a java framework, that enables the user to model process flow with a gui interface.

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